Our wine accumulating friend, Enzo, brought this over to try recently. It seems he’s having trouble finding wine loving friends to share the pleasures of his cellared secrets. Enzo, our door is always open!
It’s always a treat to try an older wine that has been carefully cellared. At 12 years old this wine was as fresh as a daisy, though it did show some tawny edges to it’s deep brick red colour.
The nose has some spicy pepper, chocolate, blackcurrant, tobacco and caramel. It’s still in great shape, with fresh berry fruit and nice balance of aromas.
The palate is as above – vibrant, spicy, complex and balanced. The oak is still evident as are the tannins, and the finish is long and lasting. Orlando is another of our icon wineries now owned by overseas interests, I sincerely hope they will continue to make wines like this.
We had this with a lovely rare beef fillet, potatos and salad, and it seemed to be a pretty happy marriage.