This is a wine that has shown some inconsistency over the past few years, particularly with some out of balance tannins in some vintages. The 2002 was superb while the 2003 had overly assertive tannins that in my stocks so far have yet to integrate. Keep an eye out for the 2004, there are some rave reviews appearing right now, and prices look very appealing.
This wine has a colour of intense impenetrable dark plum. The nose shows chocolate, licorice, cigar box, some earth and lush blackberry fruit.
The palate has all of the above with supple, softened, tannins, the blackberries, a touch of warm alcohol, and a sweet, long finish.
Some of these wines take a little time in the cellar to integrate and show their great style, and some may take much too long. When these wines are fully in synch they are a seriously good drink. This one is one of them.