If you would like a distinctive change of pace from the usual mainstream red wines that, let’s face it, can become a little predictable at times, then here is a wine to look out for.
The colour is dense crimson red, and the nose opens up with prominent spices, chocolate, plums and some vanillan oak.
The palate is as above with spices, plums, chocolate and oak all very well integrated. There are some assertive tannins (even mouth puckering) but it all comes into harmony when paired with food. We had it with roast pork and prosciutto and baked vegetables. An interesting combo that actually worked beautifully.
The wine is available at cellar door only, though ours came through the BABE boutique wine club, a source of some pretty smart non-mainstream but high class wines.
This wine would certainly benefit from some extended time in the cellar, however it is very enjoyable right now, just needs that mellowing touch from the food.