The wine of the week in yesterday’s SMH is the 2007 Josef Chromy Botrytis Riesling. Huon Hooke writes:

“This remarkable Tasmanian sweetie wasn’t out of place alongside $250 German and Austrian trokenbeerenausleses at a recent wine tasting, despite being less sweet. Great purity of aromas and good clean botrytis are its hallmarks. The aromas are floral and honeysuckle, the palate clean and tight, refined and pure, with high natural acidity and plenty of sweetness, although the winemaker deliberately opted not to make a very sweet, very rich style – which could be overpowering after one glass. The palate has great length, line and balance. This is a wine that drinks well now and will probably do so for a decade or more.

Food suggestions: fruit salad and other fruit-based desserts; pavlova; and the softer, less-pungent styles of blue-mold cheese.