Let the countdown to 2005 begin, says Connawarra vigneron

On ABC Southeast Asia recently Jack Kerr reported:

“Early indications are showing that 2005 could be a great year for Connawarra wines.

If you’ve driven along the A66, the Riddoch Highway, through the Connawarra in the past few weeks you would have found it impossible to ignore the area’s vineyards in their annual grape harvesting frenzy. Some vignerons have had their harvesters working around the clock in race to pick the lot and get it ready for the bottle.

The vineyards have quietened down now and all the activity has moved into the wineries themselves where the grapes have begun the fermentation process that will turn them into world-renowned reds.

And early indications are showing that 2005 could be a great year for the Connawarra. Third generation winemaker Bruce Redman says he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about this year’s harvest.

If the colour of the grapes is any indication of the wine that is likely to be uncorked in a few years time, which it is, then it is looking like the 2005 bottles will be worth a little wait.”

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