Meknes Wine

One half of your blogging team has just returned from a visit to Morocco. A fascinating and diverse country that has a lot more fertile land than I’d expected. I also encountered some quite drinkable wines from the Meknes and Guerrouane.

In particular, the Guerrouane rosé produced (I think) from the cinsault grape was often welcome at lunch time. We first discovered this wine in a pizzaria in Fes – the pizzas were rather good and made a refreshing change from the frequent tagines!

Another wine producer of note from the Meknes Fes area is Médaillon who produce a cabernet and a cab/merlot (amongst others) that provided a suitable accompaniment to a lamb tagine!

One Response to Meknes Wine

  1. Anonymous January 25, 2010 at 8:32 am #

    I just returned from Morocco last week and I was surprised to see that Morocco produced wine AND to boot, it was very good. I recently (in the last 6 years) developed an allergy to all but some French wines (a bad scene) and I was able to drink all the Meknes wines without any effects at all. It was great and I am hoping to find the wines in the U.S. and that they too do not have a bad effect on me. Chris (a different Chris)