Prior to a trip to Oregon late last year I asked for advice on a wine forum. This post is in case any of my correspondents from October 04 are still there.

At that time I asked for ideas and suggestions for pinot tasting and accommodation in the area and I had only two and a half days to do it all.

The assistance and kowledgable and comprehensive advice I received was fantastic.

I based myself at McMinnville and had a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to returning to the US and, hopefully, squeezing in another visit to Oregon. I tasted some superb pinots and enjoyed excellent hospitality.

I could only bring a few bottles back to Australia, and one of them was an ’01 Archery Summit Arcus Estate Oregon Pinot Noir. We drank it this week and I’m pleased to say it was every bit as good as it seemed at the winery. Light ruby red colour, nose of spice, black cherries with a bit of farmyard floor and earthiness. Palate was as above with a bit of warm alcohol (14.2%abv), some french oak evident and a very long finish. Some savory notes too. It was a great wine in great harmony with years left to fully integtrate. There may be better ones around but I haven’t tried them yet.

Some other wineries that I visited and enjoyed while in Oregon were: Amity, Argyle, Carlton Winemakers Studio, Domaine Drouhin, Elk Cove, Lange Estate (excellent), Rex Hill, Van Duzer and Willakenzie.

A number of the more notable wineries were by appointment only so I missed them.

Off the subject of pinot but worthy of note while in Oregon is the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville that houses Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose. Seeing that was an awesome experience!

Thank you again to my helpful correspondents – I intend to return.

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