Some comments from Huon Hooke in this morning’s SydneyMorning Herald

Sydney’s winemakeing medico, Dr Philip Norrie, is to launch a new range of wines with a difference: extra resveratrol. The North Shore GP owns the Hunter Valley vineyard and winery, Pendarves Estate. His new wines, under The Wine Doctor brand, will contain added resveratrol, an antioxidant naturally present in grapes and wine. Norrie, long a passionate advocate of wine’s health-giving properties, reckons a bit of resveratrol is good, but more is better.

The wines will initially be a chardonnay and a shiraz, priced at less than $200 a dozen retail. “It’s taking my wine and health kick to the nth degree,” Norrie says. “It’s in the hands of the NSW Food Authority at present. They are deciding whether I can label it ‘resveratrol-enhanced wine’ or just ‘REW’ – which I have trademarked.”

Resveratrol is the most important antioxidant in wine. Antioxidants inhibit the ageing process and protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia, Norrie says. “The normal level of resveratrol in wine is three to six millimols per litre; ours will have over 200.”

He’s determined the wine will be on sale this year. “We already have leading retailers in the UK and US interested in exclusivity.”

… It all sounds like another good reason to enjoy another glass of wine!

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