Gill from Cloud Wine provides the following insights into wine “characters”. I’d be delighted to receive comments on which character you think you are. I reckon I’m a Shiraz Lady married to a Shiraz Man (although when the printer failed this afternoon Shiraz Man’s language showed Pinot Man tendencies!)

We all know that the type of car we drive says something to the world about the type of person we are; the sleek German import indicates a touch of class, the small but practical Holden usually comes with a happy, go lucky, reliable owner and the red sports car, well the less said about that the better! Well your wine choices also scream volumes about your character and in my opinion are much more reliable indicators than any star signs. From years of observing people’s wine selections I can honestly say often when I meet people I can tell after the briefest of exchange what their wine preference is likely to be. Yes I have become a wine psychic! Here is a summary of my findings on what your wine choice reveals about you:

Shiraz man: Steady, dependable, knows what he likes (always has double helpings of Christmas pudding.)

Shiraz Lady: Strong willed, a bit of a tomboy, not to be messed with, but a big softy inside.

Cabernet Sauvignon Man:
A man’s man, a deep thinker, often likes endurance sport and goes grey gracefully.

Cabernet Sauvignon Lady:
Not unlike Shiraz lady she is strong willed, not to be messed with but hard as nails inside!

Pinot Noir Man:
Well informed, complex, uses a lot of spicy language and can be very misunderstood.

Pinot Noir lady:
This is a lady who probably knows a lot more about wine than her partner.

Sauvignon Blanc Lady:
Always a good fun party girl, often very glamorous.

Sauvignon Blanc Man:
Sensitive and caring with G.S.O.H.

Riesling Lady:
She is a people leader who is great fun. She can be a sweet tempered soul or have a wickedly dry sense of humour.

Riesling Man:
Good hearted, likes to stand up for what he believes in, but watch out for that acid tongue.

Chardonnay Lady:
Has a lot of money and ‘does’ lunch.

Chardonnay Man:
Has even more money and ‘does’ breakfast, lunch and dinner in spectacular style!