The Australian : Wine industry to push wines sales [May 02, 2005]

AUSTRALIA’S wine industry will unveil a refreshed version of its veteran global promotion program tomorrow to help protect and grow $2.75 billion in exports.

The program, dubbed Wine Australia, will help develop new markets by promoting Australian wines across all price points.

It will also help counter a growing belief among overseas consumers’ that Australia only makes mass produced, commercial or popular premium wines such as Banrock Station, Nottage Hill, Lindeman’s and Jacob’s Creek.

In recent years, European industry leaders have criticised these wines as “industrial” while wine critics, especially in Britain, have variously described them as “all the same” and “boring”.

A central plank of Wine Australia’s program – which has operated for the past 15 years – will educate overseas consumers that the nation’s 1900 wine producers produce a wide range of premium, super-premium and so-called “icon” wines. read more

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