Vinot�Wine Cellar Notes | A wine storage tutorial:

James Wilson from Vinote has been offering a tutorial on the basics of wine storage. Each of the sessions is based around one of the ‘seven sins of cellaring’.

While the original construction of these seven sins was developed as a humorous listing, they do cover the prime aspects of wine cellaring.

Avoid these seven sins and you will find yourself in wine heaven!

Here are James’s comments on the First Sin

Not having a cellar at all.

The worst of all sins!
First let’s clear up the definition of a cellar. In wine terms, a cellar is any place designated for the storing of wine; it might be anything from a cupboard to a cavern.

Why should you have a cellar? The answer is that you probably have one. If you are reading this, you enjoy wines. If you enjoy wines, you will have some on hand – you have a cellar.” read more

James Wilson has some sound advice for anyone interested in collecting wine, storing wine, drinking wine and establishing a wine cellar!