red wineThis wine was enjoyed with a Stolen Greek Lamb Stew (Kleftiko Lamb) which is a very slow cooked lamb shoulder; after the wine opened up it was a great match.

Colour is deep rich red, Nose is all rich stewed plums, chocolate, licorice – rich and unctious.

Palate is as above, very rich, very mouth filling, quite decadent, still has a fabulous velvet texture with some grainy but in tune tannins; chocolate, licorice and super ripe plum abound, and the 14.5% alcohol is noticed but also pleasant.

This wine from Heathcote in Victoria is made by Lindsay Ross, ex winemaker at Balgownie Estate at Bendigo.

A word about corks here; several of these bottles have had to be tipped down the sink due to oxidation where air has got in and wine has sneaked out. I think that somewhere along the track there were some storage problems with this wine. The necks are covered with beeswax which means you can’t get to see the cork as when you rip off a capsule. Even this cork had wine leakage right up to the cork tip, but in the end it was a superb and rich wine.

So all that said it’s a great wine but you need some luck with the corks.