I guess this is the second label for the Yalumba viognier range. And we need to remember that Yalumba is the Australian leader in the production of viognier and covers all the bases with this variety, from the under $10.00 range through to the Virgilius at around the $50.00 area.
The colour of this wine is bright green yellow and is crystal clear draws you to look at it.
The nose has citrus, peach, pear and a hint of nutty oak. It’s fresh and crisp and also shows some malolactic character on the nose.
The palate shows citrus and peach with a little apricot. There is a lovely touch of French oak, and what seems to be a malolactic richness. The wine is full bodied, rich and complex with just a touch of spice. It carries the 14.5% alcohol with ease.