2007 Chateau De Dauphine Fronsac France

Fronsac is an appellation that lies just to the north of the Dordogne River before it becomes the true right bank of the Gironde River.

This wine is 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. The right bank soil is principally clay which supports the Merlot grape, where the left bank soil is mainly gravel in which the Cabernet Sauvignon grape thrives. That’s why the left bank wines are Cabernet Sauvignon prominent and the right bank wines are Merlot prominent. You can cellar this winefor at least another 5 years to gain more complexity, just keep an eye on the corks.

The wine opens up with a nose of violets and dusty earth with some blackcurrant. There is also a funky, slightly off aroma that fades after opening but in any case is probably just grape and terroir talking.

The palate is soft, round and ripe with a great mouthfeel. There is a salt, mineral edge to it as well as savoury earthy characters to go with the blackcurrant fruit. It finishes well with soft ripe tannins and some spice and funk.

This Chateau is one of the highly respected wine houses of Fronsac, and the wine is available at 1st Choice liquor stores around Australia.

Food: Mushroom risotto, or anything with mushrooms.

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