Meerea Park Howard VineyardSo what does velvet or silk actually taste like? Well a good place to start is by smelling and swallowing  this wine.

The bouquet is all sweet stewed plums and bright cherry fruit, with an overlay of rich vanillan oak, soft pepper spice and just a touch of beautiful savoury Hunter earth.

Interestingly the people at Meerea Park told me that the old ‘Hunter Earth whiff’ is a sign of Brettanomyces, or ‘Brett’, a wine fault caused by the ‘Brett’ yeast that forms on the skin of fruit. I just cannot see that in this wine, and there sure is nothing wrong with this sweet drop. In any case some wine gurus rate ‘Brett’ as a positive rather than negative character in wine, though I think this could have something to do with just how much of it is present.

The palate is unctuous and silken, texture is pure velvet, medium bodied only but brimming with plums, chocolate and supple tannins. The finish is long and the tannins have a beautiful savoury twist right at the end.

This is a really fine wine that I found at Chambers Cellars, and it is drinking at its very best right now.

As for food, I’m looking forward to trying it with a prosciutto wrapped fillet of pork with vegetables.