Yalumba The CigarThis wine is named after the Terra Rossa cigar shaped piece of Coonawarra from where this  comes. The wine made a headline recently by being named ‘Wine of the Year’ in ‘The Big Red Wine Book’ by Gary Walsh and Campbell Mattinson. They Describe it thus:

‘A dark and inky depth tasting of blackberries, raspberries, dried herbs and cedarwood, a nice turn of tannin and impressive length’. Then they talk of falling in love with Coonawarra all over again as they are inclined to do.

I think these guys are pretty good reviewers and I follow their lead quite a lot. I tried a couple of these recently and noted:

Deep, dark, inky colour with a purple edge despite only 13.5% alcohol. the nose was plush and lush with some sweet oak and lots of rich fruit such as the aforementioned blackberries and raspberries.

The palate has a lovely silky mouthfeel, with ripe fruit and is medium bodied but sumptuous. There are fine soft tannins and quite a long finish.

Only thing holding it back right now is that it is a bit fruit forward, but just 12 months more in the cellar should put that right. After all that we should remember that this is freely available at just a tick over $20.