In this article from Gerald McConway discusses how you just might be able to drink wine for free with your own home wine cellar

“If you are looking for an excuse to build a wine cellar, you just got it! If done properly, you can eventually be stocking and drinking your wine for FREE! Now this is going to take a little bit of work and a few years of stockpiling, but it can be achieved. And don’t think that you have to have some monstrous basement or large facility to do this either, it is completely up to you as to how far you take this little endeavor.

The one thing you are going to have to have, is an actual controlled environment to properly age your supply in. You can go on-line to many different sites for a do it yourself wine cellar, you can buy wine refrigeration units or you can pay someone to come in and turn a portion of your basement into a real life cellar. That choice will probably be dictated by your wallet more than anything else. After you have accomplished this, it is time to start buying some wine.

Purchasing your wine is where the work comes in. As discussed yesterday, you are going to have to do some work and see what wines are going to age well, check pedigrees and of course do all this within your budget. You are also going to have to buy wines in quantities. Buying one or two bottles of a wine if you are going to try and make a profit back is not feasible. You will need to purchase about 6 bottles of each wine that you are looking to store. It is also not expected that you would be able to fill up your cellar all in one shot either. That would be extremely expensive and is probably unrealistic in mosts cases. Divide your cellar up and fill it according to how you want to sell it off. In essence, if you figure you can stock your cellar up in 5 years, divide it in fifths as you will have it completely stocked in 5 years and can start rotating wines out.”

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