This wine was tasted recently with a one pot winter bake of pork fillet, pear, potato and red onion with garlic, cloves and lemon juice.

The colour is vivid deep ruby red, the nose shows plenty of spice, dark cherry and plums.
The palate has huge depth, intensity and a wonderful structure. It is a substantial wine (14.5% alcohol) with dark fruits, charry oak, ripe and firm tannins, huge depth and great length.

It is a great match for the dish; but if you get to cook this one make sure you don’t go over time by even a minute or it will end up too dry – the price we paid for reminiscing in the cellar.

There is no doubt this is a great wine and perfectly made as expected by Lindsay McCall. It will repay some years in the cellarif you can leave it alone. It is well and truly at the full bodied end of the pinot pile, so a Burgundian look-alike it certainly is not. However it loses nothing for that; this is the Lindsay McCall style of pinot and you pretty much know what you are going to get every time – brilliance!