Colour is brilliant deep ruby red.
Nose has leather aromas accompanied by sweet oak and a multi-layered array of delicate and elegant aromas of savoury and some raspberry; aromatically intense might be it.
Palate is medium to full bodied with supple mouthfeel and great structure. There are fine and focused tannins with a rich amalgam of fruits like dried cherries, plum and raspberry. Then also some hints of chocolate and cloves, a touch of sous bois; the whole lot wrapped in a cloak of velvet. It all ends in a savoury and super fine finish that is long and very elegant. Alcohol is 14% and it could easily handle another 5-10 years in the cellar.

This was tasted with osso bucco, however it really needs something lighter, perhaps a regional dish from Veneto.
With its ‘Superiore’ moniker this wine may be of the Ripasso method (passing over the lees of a recently fermented Amarone), or Apassimento method (inclusion of some Amarone juice). I suspect the former, however whether in contact or in concert this is one lovely wine.