That Little Wine Bar is an unassuming but delightful little place in Jalan Chow Thye in George Town, just off the relentless rush of the main road. Every Thursday evening they have a wine tasting soiree of three wines selected by James the sommelier, accompanied by some lovely nibbles.

The blurb said ‘come and join the soiree to taste a refreshing pinot grigio from northern Italy, and then two very different pinot noirs from Burgundy and Burgenland. Come and taste the difference!!!’

TLWB1And so we did, and in the process met a bunch of interesting people.

A fine and interesting selection of wines, too: the Pinot Grigio was bursting with freshness, citrus fruit and acid vying for attention, I first thought it might be an Australian riesling.

TLWB-tasting-8-Oct-2015Then the Burgundy Pinot Noir, a very light drink-now wine, but clean and fresh, a super quaffing wine.
Lastly the surprise packet, a Pinot Noir from Austria, quite a beautiful wine, dark cherries and some strawberry, but an underlying acid and savoury backbone that made it quite Burgundy like. And to my memory, not unlike a fabulous Pinot from Germany I had earlier this year.

We were having such a wonderful time we bought another bottle of the Austrian Pinot followed by its sibling, a Petit Verdot (yes a PV from Austria). It was superb too, no doubt helped by some tall stories, and a plate or two of home made pork sausages and truly heavenly truffle ravioli.

Guess where we will be next Thursday?