Time to taste and test this great wine now some ten months since we opened the last one. This was tasted with butterfly lamb basted with olive oil, garlic, crushed anchovies, parsley, salt and pepper. Lamb was cooked in the Weber so another degree of flavour was added. The wine was double decanted which really helps to open it up and also to dispose of the build up of sediment that is now beginning to appear.
COL: is deep dark cherry/ brick red; very clear and deep.
NOS: Blackcurrant, a veil of dusty oak, plums, chocolate, silky sweetness (vanillan oak).
PAL: Medium-bodied, the palate covers all of the above. It is elegant and spicy, still vibrant flavours of fresh fruit, fine and refined smooth tannins, plummy fruit with the above blackcurrant, cassis, also an intriguing briary note. All of the components are integrated into a rich mouth filling wine of wonderful texture with a fine and long finish; the touch of mint now absorbed into the whole. A beautiful wine with still many years of development ahead; it will be interesting to see it evolve over the next five to ten years. Maybe try it next time with a roast fillet of beef.