This wine is from the Heathcote region and has been sitting in the cellar waiting for another taste test.

I had it at a Manly cafe with smoked salmon and peas risotto; no fancy wine glasses here so we did our best.
The colour is crimson while the nose has some exotic spice (not pepper). It’s quite savoury and earthy with some chocolate to finish it off.

The palate shows rich fruit and chocolate and plum flood the mouth. There are also some meaty or leathery notes, some said truffles or mushrooms – in other words some funky characters. There is some real acid that hits the centre of the tongue and certainly eliminates any chance of this wine being fat or flabby. Grippy and mouth coating tannins are slightly coarse but certainly aid to cementing the whole thing together. This can safely be left in the wine cellar for another 5 to 10 years. Time will tell if this gets to be a super wine but it will be interesting to see.