Riversdale CraterAnother wine kindly offered for me to taste by Stuart Robinson of Cellarmasters. This is a multi trophy and gold medal winner.

Coal River is in the next valley north of the Derwent River valley and just a short drive from Hobart. For those wine collectors that consider origin, it is becoming apparent that the south (near Hobart) and east coast of Tasmania, are producing some of the most significant wines coming out of Tasmania right now, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

This is a stunning wine, trophies and medals all rightly earned; this review will be effusive.

Colour is pale straw/gold.

Nose has citrus, lychee, lemon, and after a minute some developing honey/ toasty elements. It really opens up after a couple of minutes in the glass.

Palate is velvet smooth, some spicy oak and a little nutty/cashew element. A lovely taste of honey and toast is emerging with the wine’s age. But with all that it is still crisp and clean with a vibrant lemon citrus backbone that simply electrifies the palate.

Age is giving this wine a wonderful complexity; on one side the developing honey/toast, on the other still retaining this fabulous lemon citrus backbone.

The finish is long and lingering; I could honestly still taste the wine several minutes after the last glass. Best not to serve this too cold, take it out of the fridge for 5–10 minutes before you open it.

This is a wonderful wine for the ABC drinkers.

We tasted this wine with a dish of baked snapper with fish sauce dressing, cucumber and mint salad, and it worked well.