Chateau Mailly Grand Cru Brut Reserve NV

Chateau MaillyThis chateau has been producing champagne since 1929. We tasted this on NYE 2014.

Colour is pale straw with a vibrant bead.

Nose has bright citrus, yeast and light bread aromas.

alate is explosive as the bead/bubbles explode on the palate like turning on a hose in the mouth. Tastes of grapefruit, bread and yeast as the wine warms. And every time you try another mouthful the assault continues, the bubbles continuing to try and explode in the mouth – it’s addictive!

This is a vibrant and exciting wine, but I suspect not everyone’s cup of tea. But one thing is for sure – it certainly ain’t boring. The explosions do not diminish and continue undaunted to the end of the bottle.

This is a standout.

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