This Spanish beauty comes from the appellation of Vino de la Tierra and the sub-region of Bajo Aragon. The winery is Bodega Laceranas. The Spanish Garnarcha is the similar grape to the Aussie Grenache.

This was tasted at a new pizza and tapas restaurant in Noosa called ‘Is’. It IS a fine addition to the Gympie Terrace strip and with wines like this on the menu, and great food, we will be back.

The wine sees no oak and is fermented in large concrete vats that actually date back to 1912. The average age of the vines is 70-80 years. There has been a heavy depopulation of the area over many years so that most of the concrete vats at this winery were empty for many years; the only thing that saved them was the loving care of the remaining local villagers. The wine is not meant for long term cellaring but a few years in stock will do no harm.

The tasting notes from the maker I think are spot on and a better coverage than the scribble I wrote on the night:

‘Color: Inky red color.
Nose: On the nose, dry red raspberry, cherry, red currant, smoke, white rock, red slate.
Palate: On the palate, fresh raspberry, bright red juicy fruit with great minerality, good
acidity, grippy tannins, medium body and a long finish.’

Food – It goes perfectly with tapas, as it would with lighter meats like pork chops and chicken. I should say that it is also a most enjoyable drink on its very own.